Advantages of carbon fiber

An increasing number of industries is switching from traditional materials like aluminum, steel, wood and plastics to carbon fiber due to the multitude of unique properties and benefits it offers. Carbon fiber is more lightweight than any other material whilst also having a high tensile strength, greater stiffness and corrosion-resistance and better thermal and electrical conductivity. Additionally, carbon fiber has an X-ray transparency which makes it an ideal material for a range of applications, as well as high chemical resistance and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Prepreg Carbon Fiber

Carbon Imperial’s products are made from prepreg carbon fiber – a conventional carbon fiber that has been pre-impregnated with special catalyzed resin during the manufacturing process. Prior to the impregnation, the resin is mixed with the hardener so once the carbon fiber is manufactured, it is stored at a very low temperature to prevent curling. To enhance the structural properties of the composite, the prepreg process involves the application of either vacuum only or vacuum and elevated pressure.
We source prepreg carbon fibers from trusted manufacturers to ensure every part we sell has the ideal resin (matrix) to reinforcement ratio which delivers outstanding performance and unmatched durability. Like traditional carbon fiber fabric, the prepreg carbon fiber comes in a variety of weights and weave patterns to suit a range of applications.

Use of Carbon Fiber

A growing number of industries are making the shift from aluminum or steel to carbon fiber as composite materials deliver better performance with lesser weight.
The carbon fiber tube could be over 70% lighter than the equivalent stiffness steel tube, which makes it ideal for applications where the steel tubing may prove too heavy. In many cases, the stiffness of carbon fiber can even prove superior to other materials. Carbon fibers have been successfully used in a number of industries, including in sports equipment, medical equipment, machinery equipment, measuring and high-end testing equipment, printing equipment, cars and more.
As we aim to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, we at Carbon Imperial strive to deliver premium quality carbon fiber products that suit every budget and application.